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  • OgawaYohan Sound Library
    started from 01.Oct.21.
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  • I loved the compositions of J.S.Bach so much that I wanted to perform them as I wanted. At last MIDI tone generator and GM-SMF system make me possible to realize my hope, so I started to convert his compositions to SMF step by step. Now I set my goal to make all of his compositions to SMF's, but his vocal compositions with choir will be prior to the rests. My purpose for this project is to help practice for performance by real instruments and voices, but I take care much to realize the articulation of the composition. I hope everybody begin to enjoy his music by the SMF's in this site.

    *Bach mania would already know, my web-name "Ogawa Yohan" is taken from "J.S.Bach" ("Ogawa" means "stream" in English, "Bach" in German). Further "Yo" means "to give" and "han" "half" in Japanese Kanji-character, so totally I want to express my wish to dedicate half of my life to Bach music. As it happens, "Ogawa Yohan" in Japanese Kanji-character is written by 14 total strokes!
    The merits of this library
  • Articulation: Trying to make as natural as the performance by real music.
  • Independent part: One musical part is put in one independent MIDI part, but very few exceptions.
  • Keyboard part for Basso Continuo: Organ or Cembalo part is also prepared.

    The purposes of this library
  • To help practice for performance by real instruments and voices - audible sheet music.
  • To make music as numerical data - helping research of music.