last-of-candle --- explore a dungeon with your shadows

last update: Sun, 31 Oct 2010

last-of-candle is a turn-based dungeon exploring game like rogue. You play an adventurer who wants to reach the bottom of the dungeon, which is full of monsters. You can use your shadow as a friendly creature to deal with them.


The old version has known bugs. Please use the latest version unless you are studying what happened in the 168 hours of the 7DRL challenge. See [ChangeLog] for details.

Use this [public key] to verify the signature. The .dsc file is intentionally left unsigned to make it clear that the .deb package is unofficial.

[kokarage] compiled the Windows binary:

Note that:

last-of-candle was written for [The 2010 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge]. It used [the code written before the Challenge].