Today : 

Many profitable information which cross-dressers should surely look at ?

i aim at the above


eautiful(?) cross-dresser Rayna's pages

In spite of saying so,  these pages are practically individual taste.
The purport of the contents are as following;

Is Rayna who on earth?
That's what
Rayna really is like.

What's "the advices of Rayna -like XX life"?

Although the above photograph is Rayna herself, it may seem that it may not be being truth. 
If you want to confirm the truth, you should look in at the pages sometime.

Who are cross-dressers?
In short, they are people who enjoy

If so, possibly, Rayna is a male ….?

This page is made the target for
cross-dressers, trans-genders and its understanding person.

In the contents after this, 
the information about the cross-dressers is included.

If you feel dislike or have prejudice to these, 
you should not enter this room.

If you are not, please drop in at my room by all means.