Blue-Headed Pionus in Japan

Hi ! This is Raitef. I live in Japan with a blue-headed pionus, BONO.
Her birthday is 6th April, 1998.
She came from California to Japan in September, 1998.

BONO is still young.
Her head is green rather than cobalt-blue.

A few small feathers in front are red.

BONO is hand-fed baby, so she is not afraid of my finger.
When she wants to be scratched,
she nods her head and fluffs her feathers of the head.

BONO likes splay-bath.
She fluffs all feathers.
She moves like a dance in mist

January, 1999
When BONO is excited, she fans out her tail.
Pionus parrots have red feathers around vent.

February, 1999
BONO can "step up".
She is friendly to my wife and me both.
She relaxes on the "Egyptian grip".

Seeds and nuts are only rewards.
She eats pellets, vegetables, and some fruits usually.

I teach my friends about "Egyptian grip".
BONO can "step up" with anyone of my friends immediately.
She has never been to bite someone.

May, 1999
BONO molts for the first time.
The feathers of her head become more blue and iridescent.

July, 1999
I found a red feather in her nape.
It is a brand-new feather.
I do not know why only one feather changes its color.
Anyway, she is very cute.
She is funny, playful, social, and healthy.
I love her very much.

Thank you for your arrival.
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