Blade Murata


Writer, Web Director, An Independent Film Maker

-Born on October 17th in 1970.

-Living in Tokyo Japan.

-Start making films in high school days.

-Study at Syracuse University VPA Film Dept.

-Take LOA because of financial issue.

-Learn script writing at the Writers' Guild Japan in 1996.

-Worked as a web developer and planner until the company bunk rupt in 1998.

-Worked as a web director at E*TRADE Securities Japan from 1999 to 2000.

-A freelance web director seeking a job for visual entertainment.

-quit the web industry and concentrate on making entertainment drama in 2003.

-Becomes a member of The Democratic Party of Japan in 2003.

-Comes back to the Web industry as a web director in 2004.

-Start the career as a game test engineer in 2004.

-Start the career as a game scenario writer in 2004.

-Will write scenarios for net dramas and theatre in 2005