My re`sume` of my works ACT2

Written by S.Takeuchi, Directed by Bohkenoh Akita, Produced by
Cast : Y.Uraguchi, I.Akiyama, M.Hiratsuka, M.Ohtaki, T.Akiyama
Presented by Johnan Highschool Pictures.
Uraguchi is always spited by three classmates, who are Hiratsuka, Ohtaki and T.Akiyama. She escapes into a warehouse from those girls as usual and is possessed by a evil spirit who commited suicide because of a bullying. Uraguchi starts her revenge...
Made in Japan in 1988

Written and Directed, Produced by Blade Murata
Cast : Bohkenoh Akita, Y.Uraguchi, M.Ohtaki,
Presented by Johnan Highschool Pictures.
A high school boy wakes up in his class room in the night.  When he is about to leave the school, he finds his girl friend is talking with a guy, whom the boy doesn't know.   His girl friend and the guy starts running away from the boy once they find him.   The boy starts chasing them...
Remade of "Over the Dream"
Made in Japan in 1988

Written and Produced by Blade Murata, Directed by T.Akiyama
Cast : I.Akiyama, S.Takeuchi, Y.Uraguchi, M.Hiratsuka, Fusuki Hodoro, T.Akiyama,
Yuka wakes up in a unknown room.  There is her friend, who should be hospitalized, sleeping beside her and there is another girl.  The girl starts talking to Yuka that they are locked in the room and can't get out of there. Yuka gets scared because she doesn't understand why she is there...
Made in Japan in 1989

To be continued