My re`sume` of my works ACT4

Written and Directed by Blade Murata, Produced by Akinari Honda,
Cast : H.Niida, N.Izumizeki, N.Suwa, Akinari Honda, , K.Ikehara
Presented by Nova Entertainment
Daisuke buys a pot which is said that it brings a happiness. Daisuke, His wife Fujiko, her nephew and his girl friend hold a party and suddenly the pot starts shaking...
Made in Japan in 1992

Written by Blade Murata, Directed by Akinari Honda
Cast : H.Niida, N.Suwa, N.Izumizeki, Akinari Honda
Presented by Nova Entertainment
Takeru feels something badon his shoulder recently.   When he gets the feeling, he faces a crisis to die.  His friend bring him to an esper Kaya.  Kaya says he is possed by a bad ghost Saki who was Takeru's ex-girl friend...
Made in Japan in 1992

11)Five Angry Youth
Written and Directed, Produced by Blade Murata
Cast : H.Ando, Y.Mochizuki, M.Sera, M.Kishi, L.Mizugaki
Five young people go camping and Hiroshi and Yori argues about what they eat for dinner...
Made in Japan in 1994

To be continued