Entertainment Review

Vol. 1

A Video game for Playstation

uFinal Fantasy [v

Produced by Square Corporation

This is the most famous and well sold Role Playing game in Japan.
At this point, the techniques used on this game is the best, CG movie is amazing, the game system is unique and so on. The most people say this is the best game in the world.

But I wonder it.

It is true that the CG is so beautiful. But it doesn't mean that the game is nice. We can't play the CG movie, just see it.
"Junction System" that is the character development system in this game is really complicated. You can ignore it at first but never be able to clear this game. You always have to aware which magic you wear in the last part of the game. Unless you understand the system, you never finish this game.

The story focuses on a romance between the hero and the heroine.
It's OK to me. But the expression is really cheesy. It's like a soap opera.

The characters are not attractive to me. The hero is quite dark and yielding depression. He doesn't believe anyone and likes to be alone. He meets some fellows to do the mission and finds he loves a heroin who becomes one of his fellows.
The problem is that the fellows accepts the hero in spite of his darkness and selfish from the first. Usually, this type of character is denied by the other members in a group. He must have a trouble with them and have to solve it. Then he finds he is one of the members and finds the love. But in this game, he doesn't have to care the other members' feelings because they understand him very much from the top of the story.
It is very strange to me.

The CG design itself is really good, however the direction of the movie is cheesy. It doesn't have any originality. Actually it is the copy of Hollywood movies. Since the CG creators doesn't have the sense of cinema direction, the character's feeling in the movie doesn't come to me. If the creators say "We go beyond the game. It is not just a game. It's almost a film," they don't understand they have to have a sense of film direction. I want them to study film making.

I like one of the CG movie in the ending.
It looks like a home video of a party after the adventure ends and all main characters show up. The motion of the characters are really good and the face action too. One of the characters really looks like Robin Williams. I'm sure the creator intend to.
Because the movie is like a home video, the creator doesn't have to have a sense of film directing. Only the techniques of the CG creation are needed. That's why this movie succeed.

The critical issue of creation of this game is lack of a brilliant director. Usually the well experienced CG designer or programmer becomes a director of the game. It is good if they direct only the process of making a game. But in making a CG movie and writing a story, the really good director or script write,r who has a sense of cinema making, is needed.
The square, that is the production company of this game, has a lot of good technicians for programming and CG but doesn't have good directors.
The square must have the good film director and writer to create a cinematic game for the future.