Entertainment Review

Vol. 2

A Japanese Film


A Shusuke Kaneko Film

This is one of the famous monster film in Japan. "Gamera" is a huge monster which looks like a turtle. This film series is one of the strongest rival of the Gozzilla series.

This is film has really good quality as a film. The heroine hates Gamera because she believes her parents were killed by the battle between Gamera and the other huge monster. She represents a war victim. Gamera was made by human beings in ancient to guard the human beings. Gamera is a soldier with no resistance. The earth in this film is becoming collapsed because of the environmental issue. That causes the outbreak of huge monsters and the their battle. So, the human beings brought this issue. The human beings represent the major power in our real world.
This film is a war film, not just a monster film. That's why I said this has good quality as a film.

The special effects in this film shows the vast improvement of Japanese techniques. Usually, Japanese special effect looks really cheep. Most films which use special effects looks like old films in Hollywood.
The effects in this film is really great. Use of CG is amazing. Gamera looks he has a real life.

However, these elements couldn't convince the audience.
Why? Because the audience loving monster films in Japan always wants great battle scene only. They don't want human drama or don't understand it. Unfortunately, normal film fun doesn't see this film because they thought this is just a monster film.
That's the reason why this film didn't succeed in the market.

Japanese films are getting better year by year. I hope most Japanese audience and producers misunderstand what is a good film. It's not a complicated/private film or TV film.