Entertainment Review

Vol. 4

A Hollywood Film

The Phantom MenaceĀv

A George Lucas Film

This is the most famous science fiction drama in the world.
So, I don't have to explain about the story of "STAR WARS SAGA."

The most important point of this film is "If this film is greater than the first film "STAR WARS."

CG in this film is amazing.
Recently, the CG production in Japan is much improved and it's now really close to Hollywood. But this film shows that it is just a dream. Since the special effects is one of the most important point of this film, you can say "EPISODEáT" is greater than "STAR WARS" in this part.

However, the story of this film is just a copy of "STAR WARS."
The trade union starts invading the peaceful planet "Naboo" and the Jedai Soldiers resist them with Qween Amidara, and finally they get a temporal victory.
It is almost same story as "STAR WARS."
The characters in this film are less attractive than "STAR WARS." Amidara=Padme` is much attractive character than Reia though. But the story doesn't follow her story that much.

But by producing this film, George Lucas shows that the technology has no limits and even if the film maker gets old, he still can make a great entertainment film. This meritorious deed should be praised.

Even though the story of this film is too usual, I was still enjoyed much.
I am expecting "EPISODEáU" and "áV"will be much greater than the first series in both story and the CG.