Entertainment Review

Vol. 7

A Zhang Yimou Film


It was a beautiful film.
The color uesed in this film was amazing.

Red shows the story is a lie.
Blue and green means the story is a guess.
And white and natural colors show it is true story.

Three stories and colors worked very well and helped to understand "What is Hero?"

Nameless, who is the leading character never shows his mind with black cloths.
Jet Li was acting this hero well. It was correct he didn't show in "Matrix." He must have been in this film. Of course, his martial arts action was amazing.

Broken Sword was an asassin to the King of Qin and shows Nameless what he has to do.
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai acted this character really cool. He is one of the top actor in Hong Kong.

Flying Snow is the lover of Broken Sword and also an asassin to the King of Qin
Maggie Cheung is a well known actress in Hong Kong and Taiwan and acted this roll passionally.

Moon is loving Broken Sword and fights with Flying Snow. This women's fight scene was very interesting and beautiful.
Zhan Ziyi is a very fresh actress in China. Very pretty girl but her action is going over men's action.

Sky is an asassin who needs anything else. He can sacrifice his life to asassinate the King.
This special guest character was acted by Donnie Yen. He is one of the greatest martial arts actor in Hong Kong.
The fight scene of Nameless and Sky was really fast, real and amazing.

Who is the Hero?
What is the Hero?

You must see this film in order to know the answer.