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HONSHU (The Pacific side)

Honshu's sea routes to remote islands (From North to South)

O-shima (Oshima Island)

O-shima (Uranohama, Sotohama, Miyagi PRF)
Oshima Kisen

Oshika Hanto (Oshika Peninsula)

Kinkasan (Kinkasan, Miyagi PRF)
Kinkasan Koro-jigyo Kyodo Kumiai
Kaijo Taxi Yuransen Nabe-chan
Ushio Planning
Kinkasan Kanko Cruise
SeaDream Kinkasan Kisen

Eno-shima (Enoshima, Miyagi PRF)
Seapal Onagawa Kisen

Aji-shima(Funawatashi, Aji, Miyagi PRF)
Ajishima Line
SeaDream Kinkasan Kisen

Tashiro-jima (Nitoda, Otomari, Miyagi PRF)
Ajishima Line

Urato-shoto (Urato Islands)

Sabusawa-jima (Sabusawa, Miyagi PRF)
Nono-shima (Nonoshima, Miyagi PRF)
Katsura-shima (Katsurashima, Sendai Shiogama-ko Ishihama, Miyagi PRF)
Shiogama City
Urato Jishukoro Unei Kyogikai
NPO Urato Ferry

Izu-shoto (Izu Islands)

O-shima (Moyomach, Tokyo)
To-shima (Toshima, Tokyo)
Miyake-jima (Miike, Ako, Tokyo)
Hachijo-jima (Kaminato, Yaene, Tokyo)
Tokai Kisen

Nii-jima (Niijima, Tokyo)
Shikine-jima (Shikinejima, Nobushi, Tokyo)
Tokai Kisen
Shinshin Kisen
Niijima Village

Kozu-shima (Kozushima, Tokyo)
Tokai Kisen
Shinshin Kisen

Mikura-shima (Mikurashima, Tokyo)
Tokai Kisen
Izushotou Kaihatsu

Aoga-shima (Aogashima, Tokyo)
Izushotou Kaihatsu

Ogasawara-shoto (Ogasawara Islands)

Chichi-jima (Futami, Tokyo)
Izushotou Kaihatsu
Ogasawara Kaiun

Haha-jima (Oki, Tokyo)
Izushotou Kaihatsu


Joga-shima (Jogashima, Kanagawa PRF)
Subaru Enterprise, Misaki Marine Center
Subaru Enterprise

Hatsu-shima (Hatsushima Island)

Hatsu-shima (Hatsushima, Shizuoka PRF)
Fujikyu Marine Resort

O-shima (Oshima Island)

O-shima (Oshima, Aichi PRF)
Gamagori Kanko Kisen

Aichi-mishima (Aichi 3 Islands)

Shima-shoto (Shima Islands)

Kami-shima (Kamishima, Mie PRF)
Kamishima Kankosen
Toba City

Toshi-jima (Toshi, Wagu, Momotori, Mie PRF)
Suga-shima (Sugashima, Mie PRF)
Sakate-jima (Sakate, Mie PRF)
Toba City

Oki-shima (Okishima Island, Lake Biwa)

Oki-shima (Okishima, Shiga PRF)
Okishima Tsusen


On June 27, 2014, Tokai Kisen's Tachibana Maru entered service.

On September 25, 2014, Urato Jishukoro Unei Kyogikai's new boat, SAWAYAKA entered service on the Shiogama-Urato Islands route.

Shinshin Kisen's new ship, 'Ferry Azalea' took the water at Naikai Zosen Setoda Shipyard on September 26, 2014.

Tokai Kisen will introduce the 'Seven Islands Tairyou' (165gt) in January 2015. She is a Jetfoil which was purchased from JR Kyushu Kosokusen (JR Kyushu Jet Ferry), and will replace the Seven Islands Yume. Mr. Ryohei Yanagihara, an artist gave the ship name, and designed her livery. 'Tairyo' is a Japanese word for 'bumper catch'.

Ogasawara Kaiun's Ogasawara Maru (II) (built in 1997) which plies between Tokyo and Ogasawara islands will be replaced with Ogasawara Maru (III) (about 10,500gt, 900 passngers) in 2016. The cost of constructing the liner is estimated to be around 9.1 billion yen.

On March 27, 2015, Ogasawara Kaiun announced that it will order a replacement ship of the Ogasawara Maru, which runs on the Tokyo-Chichijima route, from MHI Shimonoseki shipyard. The about 11,000gt passenger-cargo ship will enter the route in June 2016.

On March 27, 2015, Izushotou Kaihatsu announced that it will order a replacement ship of the Hahajima Maru, which runs on the Chichijima-Hahajima route, from Watanabe Shipbuiding Co., Ltd. in Nagasaki. The 499gt passenger-cargo ship will enter the route in June 2016.

On January 31, 2016, Tokai Kisen reopened the Higashi Izu-Izu Oshima route for the first time in 13 years. It will operate the route until March 21, 2016.

On July 2, 2016, Tokyo-based Ogasawara Kaiun launched the Ogasawara Maru (11,000gt) . She plies between Tokyo and Chichijima. The cost of constructing the liner is estimated to be around 9 billion yen.

As of 2016, Kyosho Maru, which operates a cargo tramp between Tokyo and Ogasawara islands, does not treat passengers.
Kyosho Maru

Tokai Kisen will provide free Wi-Fi services on their all ships by March 2017.

On May 11, 2017, Tokai Kisen disclosed that it will order a jetfoil (165gt) from Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Kobe). She is set to enter service in July 2020.

On November 9, 2017, Tokai Kisen's board of directors decided to build a replacement ship (6,000gt) for the Salvia Maru (4,992gt, 1992). She will enter service in July 2020.

In September 2018, the "Mermaid II" for Ishinomaki-based Ajishima Line was completed at Watanabe Shipbuilding in Nagasaki.

On November 22, 2018, Fujikyu Marine Resort announced that its Hatsushima-Ito route will be closed on March 31, 2019 because of a reduction of demand.

On January 29, 2019, a keel-laying ceremony of a new ship for Tokai Kisen, which is set to be completed in June 2020 and replace the Salvia Maru was held at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Shimonoseki shipyard.