Title: Volume Serial Number Editor For WIN9x/NT
Filename: VSNE3210.LZH(arj file.)
Date: 2/Feb./'04
Target OS: WINDOWS 9x&NT family.(WINDOWS95OSR2 later)
Author: Hitoshi KAZAMA.(hkazama@world.interq.or.jp)


<<  Contents of a  file>>

        vsne3210.html   about Volume Serial Number Editor(this file)
        vsne.hst              history file.
        vsne32.exe        "Volume Serial Number Editor"
        ... and 3 jpeg files.

<About VSNE32>

The "Volume Serial Number Editor(VSNE32)" can change your volume serial number in disk media. You use a software at your own risk with no support.


1.Please operate by administrator. (Windows NT only)

2."VSN"  will only be reflected after a restart of windows nt.


Sorry,I am poor English. But,please submit bug reports to me.


This software as "freeware". It is important to know that you use software at your own risk with no support and "as is".

Thanks :-)