How to purchase products
-post cards, catalogues, books+cd, screen prints-

If you want to order products ,
please write 1,2,3 (below)
and send fax or e-mail to the below address
1、which one will you purchase?
(the numbers of publications or screen prints
-you can find the number in the list of publications
or screenprints in
the page of publications
the page of move )
2、How many copies will you purchase?
3、Your name , address and telephone number 

After I get your fax or e-mail,
I will send the products immediately.
But, please wait for about one month or so
because of long distance.

After you get the products and invoice
(I will charge the price+postage by today's rate
in currency of your country.Please see japanese price for your reference),
please send money order or cash to "move"

fax:03 3294 7400

5-10-3 Hase, Kamakura-shi
Kanagaw-ken, Japan 248-0016
v:81 467 25 3755 /81 3 3294 7411 f:81 3 3294 7400

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