New Series "The taxi driver's destiny"



"Okinawa・Hiroshima / 2003・2002"

"New York・Tokyo/2001・2001"

"New York・New York・Tokyo/2001・2001・2001"

The Taxi Driver's Destiny

You may think that "The Taxi Driver's Destiny" is a strange title,
you will not find portraits of taxi-drivers, pictures of landscapes through taxi windows
and I am not a taxi driver.

The inspiration for this title came while I was in a taxi on the way to JFK Airport, New York.
I was returning to Japan after spending one year in New York.
While I was vaguely aware of the city going past the taxi window,
I was looking back on my life and anxiously but hopefully thinking about my future.
My mind wandered until I found myself thinking about the life of my taxi driver.
I could tell he was not an American so I had many questions.
"Where does he come from?", "Why did he leave his country?",
"What did he do in his country?", "Why did he become a taxi driver?",
"How is his business going today?"etc.
The phrase, "taxi driver's destiny" kept going around in my mind.

If we could look down, from highabove, and watch a taxi driver for a day,
it would be very unpredictable.
Perhaps the taxi goes to JFK Airport, then to Manhattan, then to New Jersey,
then who knows where the next destination may be.
For taxi drivers, the next destination ( and their fate?) is determined by their customers.
Just like life where unexpected events often occure not by our own choice.

Also,just like my method.
I like to explore while on a trip or even just in Tokyo;
having little adventures just like life-where we don not know what will happen in the future.
I never plan subjects for my photography, and I never travel with one specific theme in mind.
This is not only because I like to stop on the way and I am interested in many themes,
but also because I think that life involves many complications.
If we try to restrict or simplify things, then we may miss something.

So I just walk around and when something attracts my attention, I take a chance and shoot.

Often one of the new photographs reminds me of other photographs I have taken before.
I combine two or three photographs like this.
I like to think that something new has been born due to this combining of images.
I have no rule when I choose them - I follow my instinct.
Even I cannot predict that these pictures will meet.
I think they meet because it is their destiny.

There must be a moment that taxi drivers think "this is my destiny!".

I have a lot of pictures that are waiting for their partners.
I just walk around with a flexible heart, like a taxi driver who drives and drives.



"Venezia・Seoul 1996/1998"


"New York ・Shanghai 1998/1997"

I like traveling.
While I am traveling around,things draw my attention.
So I take photographs.
Beforehand,I don't plan any specific subjects.
My photographs are spontaneous.

When I return from my travels,
often I find one of photographs reminds me of one
I have taken on a different trip.
I paste these photographs together in my notebook to form a pair.
Each pair is,"an accidental happy encounter"
They have simple titles,merely the name of the lands and the years
in which I took the photographs.

I started to create these pairs
after being diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago.
Time has passed and many accidental happy encounterts have been born.
Now I am looking back and I realize that the process involved in my work;
traveling,taking photographs and pasting photographs in my notebook,
is my way of healing myself.
Also I could say that this process is another journey reflecting life and death
and my thoughts about who I am.

Please see " the place in my heart"

Keiko Hayashi's exhibiton "the places in my heart"
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Book "the places in my heart" is published in July,1999

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