I'm looking for
official sponsor.
I have homepages.

English page

Japanese page

My pages are recommended and listed in many topics on the web.

I can compose very easy and fast everyday. I have uploaded many MIDI files on my pages.
I will add new compositions through my life. As I was born in 1959, I think that I can compose more 1500 compositions in my life.

Many professors, Composers, Musicians, listeners, young mothers, students visit my pages.

Actually many visitors click music banners put in my pages everyday. Please become sponsor of my pages.

I will put 300 links to your page .
I will put 150 links on my English pages, and 150 links on my Japanese pages. I can take many visitors to your page every day.

Please help me to compose music.

Monthly amount US$1500.00 or 1500euro

Please e-mail me your conclusion.

Hiromu Hidaka