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Star Festival

The Tanabata Festival is celebrated on July 7th and also called the "Star Festival".
We are told that once a year on the evening of this day, Kengyu (the Herds-boy star "Altair") and Orihime (the Weaver star "Vega") meet on the Milky Way.

decorations on bamboo branche

The Original Tanabata legend began in China. It was the tragic but romantic love story of Orihime and Kengyu. Orihime (Emperor Tentei's daughter) was good at weaving and she wove clothes for gods every day.
One day Emperor Tentei chose Kengyu as her husband. They fell in love at first sight, but they loved each other too much. They were so much in love, they neglected their responsibilities and they did not work at all.
EmperorTentei warned them not to be idle, but they did not listen to him. As a result, gods' clothes wore out. Emperor Tentei was furious. Orihiome and Kengyu were made to separate as a punishment. Emperor Tentei forced them to live on opposite sides of the Amanogawa (Milky Way). Orihime cried every day because the Amanogawa (Milky Way) was between Orihime and Kengyu and she could not meet him any more.
Emperor Tentei felt pity for her and said, "If you work hard, I will allow you to meet each other once a year. " They worked hard and prayed. On July 7th at night, a magpie appeared and spread its wings that became a bridge over Amanogawa. Orihime and Kengyu got their wish and were able to meet again!

Now, people write their wishes on Tanzaku (oblong pieces of colored paper). People make many other decorations with pieces of colored paper as well as Tanzaku and tie them on bamboo branches. It is said our wishes will come true if we pray to these two stars, Orihime (Vega) and Kengyu (Altair).

If you would like to make your wishes come true, why don't you pray to these two stars? You might get your wishes or at least good luck!