Bergen Embroidery ベルゲン刺繍

Kåre Helland's daughter - Mette Karin-

Race clothes of Norway

The color of the race clothes is fine and gives vivid
embroidery of coloring on the cloth which makes the black a keynote. The Hardanger embroidery is famous in Norway. This is embroidery generated in the Hardanger provinces hundreds of years ago. Afterwards, It has gradually extended to Europe various places.The Hardanger embroidery
is even in the United States with the emigrant now.



Hardanger embroidery becoming a disciple
Home page of Hardanger embroidery
Text of Hardanger embroidery
Text of Hardanger embroidery of Japanese



It is a wonderful present sent from Kåre Helland by us. The name of the present is called Rosemaling. In English rose painting . It is the one often used for the Christmas tree in Norway. Thank you very much !!!!!

Bergen Embroidery Shop

There was an embroidery shop in front of the station in the Floibanen mountain railway.This shop was considerably abundant also in numbers of goods.

Bergen Embroidery Shop

Bergen Embroidery Shop

Embroidery of small animal -Cross Stitch-

Embroidery of small animal -Cross Stitch-

A small animal embroiders with Cross Stitch.
Linen Band which applies embroidery of small animal every month of one year
For instance,
Squirrel in April
Swan in May
Fox in June
Peacock in July

小動物の刺繍−Cross Stitch−

一年間の月ごとに小動物の刺繍を当てはめているLinen Band
4月 リス
5月 白鳥
6月 キツネ
7月 孔雀

Norway Embroidery

Splendid embroidery by which Norway was designed was a decoration of the shop.
The price of several hundred thousand yen was set on the embroidery when converting into yen.
As for this embroidery, the exhibition spot sale was done.



Splendid embroidery by which Norway was designed

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