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Girls Festival

"Hina-Matsuri" is the day known as girls festival on March 3rd.
We display dolls and offer spray of peach tree blossoms with rice cakes.
In China, there is a custom: people make much of the same date of the month and day from olden times. They exercised by the waterside on March 3rd.
"Hina-Matsuri" of Japan is the custom from China.
There was an event during the Heian Era. People made dolls who floated the river. People thought the dolls could remove our sins that float down them down the river or burn them. "Hina-Matsuri" was a day to make and float dolls down the river, purify feelings at waterside and "Ohanami".
We eat soup with clams at "Hina-Matsuri" that retain feelings of being purifird by the waterside. We didn't begin the practice of displaying dolls until the Muromachi Period. In the Edo Period, the dolls manufacture were made with better technical skill than before. People regreted burning the dolls or sending them down the river, so they made special platforms to display dolls.