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合気道創始者 植芝盛平翁
Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba
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 We, Kyoto Aikido Takemusu-kai, practice traditional aikido based on the principles of a founder, Ueshiba Morihei's Aiki-Ken (sword), Aiki-Jo (stick) and Taijutsu (Body techniques).

 Non-Profit Organization Aikido Takemusu-kai is a citizen’s group based in Kyoto and is not affiliated with any specific faction of Aikido. It was established by Higuchi Takanari, a leading disciple of Master Tanaka Bansen. Aikido Takemusu-kai was set up in Kyoto in 1973 and in 2000 became certified as the first incorporated NPO of Aikido in Japan.
 Master Tanaka Bansen played the leading role of Aikido in the Kansai region, and contributed to building up the foundation of Aikido in Kyoto and spreading of Aikido where Taijutsu and the founder’s philosophy are integrated. AIKIDO TAKEMUSU-KAI studies the founder’s Aiki-Ken and Aiki-Jo, taught faithfully by Master Saito Morihiro In Iwama in line with Master Tanaka Bansen’s approach.


Takemusu Aiki
 Aikido involves the cultivation of Ki (energy), Chi (wisdom), Toku (benevolence), and Tai (body). Through practicing Aikido we train ourselves to be better human beings. In Aikido the cultivation of Ki is the most important factor. The training aims to foster a willingness to act and to cultivate the united spirit.
 The founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei, used to say that in order to harmonize with the movements of the universe, we need to discipline the Ki that unites our body and spirit. We train earnestly at the Dojo, because the techniques themselves emerge through the sincerity of our training.
 "Aiki" refers to the uniting (Ai) of Ki. To unite with the movements of one's partner is to unite with the movements of Nature. Then you and you're partner will be thrust into the midst of Nature, breathing and growing together. By disciplining ourselves to be at one with nature, our foe will become friends, and together we will prosper.
 We should not separate the training of the body and the training of the spirit. Through Aiki we should train our whole being. There are no tournaments in Aikido so as to avoid fostering a competitive spirit.

Aikido kyoto

The purpose of founding Aikido
 Completed through the life of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder, Aikido is a world of vital energy where one does not make enemies nor fight. Aikido is a way for humans to actually embody the truth of nature by being united with the universe, attaining its truth, moving according to it, and practicing this.

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